Through a staff of two practicing lawyers and various intern law students of the Universidad Iberoamericana Leon, our legal clinic has positioned itself as a place where one can receive honest, affordable and efficient legal advice and services. The legal clinic offers:

  • Legal advice and counseling about procedures and pension arrangements on retirement issues
  • Advice, legal services and counseling about the procedures and requirements for INFONAVIT, IMSS, and AFORE for pensioners
  • Legal advice and services in the areas of civil, labor, criminal and commercial law
  • Mediation and negotiation advice and services if the case should warrant their use or for those who prefer not to use the court system
  • Various workshops on legal issues and prevention provided to community centers and/or civil organizations

To keep our legal fees affordable for our target market, who are very low-income individuals or families, our initial consultation fee is only $20 Mexican pesos, or approximately $1.00 USD.

Subjects of the workshops that are given by students of our legal clinic

  • Divorce, child custody, and alimony
  • Breaches of administrative rules and fines
  • Commercial paper, promissory notes and endorsements
  • Pensions and INFONAVIT
  • Probate laws
  • Leases
  • Installment purchase contracts
  • Condominium housing laws
  • Domestic violence laws

Non profit legal clinic

The number of cases we have handled

Cases 2017

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Our results

  • Protection of children through alimony and custody agreements as well as granting of parental rights to concerned family when the parents are found unfit to care for the children
  • Elimination or reduction of debts in cases where there has been unfair advantage taken of the person or outright fraud in the elaboration of the legal documents
  • Protection for women in situations of domestic violence, through divorce proceedings, or the use of restraining orders or other legal measures
  • Legal advice and services for clients in commercial, administrative, criminal, and labor matters, as well as referrals to experienced attorneys in very complex cases

Please read the testimonies of our clients who have benefited from the services of the non profit legal clinic of Fundacion Leon

After handling my divorce, my ex-husband failed to comply with the alimony to support the needs of our 10 year old child. He was 9 months late in paying the rent as well as the school fees. With the support of the non profit legal clinic of Fundacion Leon I got the alimony deducted directly from my ex-husband's payroll account, and they also helped me in the courts in order to get payment for the total of my overdue rent.
  Ms. Teresa

My mother passed away and I had a mortgage in "Caja Popular". In "Caja" they didn't want to honor my payment schedule and they wanted me to pay off the mortgage with my inheritance. They sued me because I was my mother's executor, but thanks to the non profit legal clinic of Fundacion Leon, we won at trial and didn't have to pay off the mortgage.
  Ms. Lourdes

A while ago, I was sued based on a false promissory note. The amount was $30,000 pesos. At the non profit legal clinic of Fundacion Leon, they helped me answer the complaint and had an expert testify to the counterfeiting. The plaintiffs however continued the lawsuit asking for more time to answer my allegations. The legal clinic continued representing me until finally it was proven that the promissory note was false and the court dismissed the case.
  Mr. Antonio

Thanks to the non profit legal clinic of Fundacion Leon I was able to obtain legal custody of my two granddaughters because my daughter did not take good care of them due to her criminal behavior and drug abuse.
  Ms. Patricia

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